15:15 01/25/12 Do not need to Ukraine once again to view the concept of construction of wholesale markets?
The State target program of wholesale markets of agricultural products was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 3 June 2009. It provided a set of measures, including construction of 25 wholesale markets. It was expected that they will be erected near each regional center. And a year later...
00:18 11/05/11 New insurance products developed by experts from IFC, will help improve the quality of agricultural insurance
The situation in the agricultural insurance market remains difficult. Experts recognize that its fundamental improvement should make great efforts. Active work in this area holds the International Finance Corporation (IFC, World Bank Group) "Development of agricultural insurance in Ukraine." In...
22:04 10/22/11 Created an Agricultural Insurance Bureau - an organization designed to bring local farmers insurance at a new level
It happened on February 1 at the founding meeting in which representatives of 15 insurance companies that provide services to insurance of agricultural risks, such as: Alfa-Garant, ASKA, Brkokbiznes, Standard, European Insurance Alliance, INGO-Ukraine, Orans, Orans -Jan, Lead, Insurance group "TAS",...
21:32 10/22/11 Schengen visas denied to Ukraine officials
Ukraine officials get negative answers to their appeals for Schengen visas, says head of Rada committee for foreign affairs Oleh Bilorus, Comentari reports Oct. 21. This could be a reaction of the EU to the failure by the Ukrainian authorities to deliver on their promises - "They warned that they...
15:20 10/17/11 Interior ministry confirms massive theft of firearms in Lviv Police Academy
A routine check on Oct. 12 revealed the lack of about 150 Kalashnikovs and Makarov guns at the Police Academy in Lviv, Interior Ministry Oct. 14 website release runs. The check was ordered by Interior Minister Mohyliov on the heels of the disappearance of firearms in a Kharkiv police precinct...
19:09 10/13/11 Viktor Makes it to The Simpsons

The low international esteem in which Mr Yanukovych is held is perhaps reflected in a new episode of the hit cartoon series, ‘The Simpsons,’ broadcast on the FOX TV channel on 25 September.

19:02 10/13/11 Who supports Yanukovych?

This is a “million dollar question”, really. Yanukovych managed to destroy his relations with United Europe, with the USA, and with Russian leading “tandem” simultaneously. Opposition at home also over 50%, and if elections would happen this month, and will be honest, his “Party of Regions” will be lucky to pick 20% of the vote.

23:51 08/19/11 Did we just sidestep a war in the Black Sea?

There are many early warning signals and indications pointing to this.At the end of May, Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg was interviewed on Russian FM radio Kommersant.

23:46 06/19/11 Ukrainian Canadian Congress calls upon government of Canada to include protection of human rights in free trade talks with Ukraine

Ottawa, Canada, June 16, 2011 -- The Ukrainian Canadian Congress has called upon the Government of Canada to include specific provisions in the Canada Ukraine Free Trade negotiations that guarantee the protection of human rights, rule of law and democracy in Ukraine.

01:24 06/01/11 Ukraine has bigger worries than Victory Day clashes
Most people have read about the clashes that occurred during Lviv's Victory Day ceremonies on May 9, so I won't dwell on the actual events, but concentrate on the reactions from several key actors who have a stake in the geo-political fate of Ukraine. The stage for the conflict was set back on...
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