17:52 05/25/11 Ukraine-Russia joint military exercise in Black Sea reflects rapprochement with Kremlin
Re-starting naval military exercises with Russia is an indication of a rapprochement with Moscow, Serhi Kulyk of the Nomos think-tank told ZIK May 23. He says the Ukrainian Army and Navy need any kind of training to keep fit. "I don't think anything new can be learned by Ukrainians from the...
13:46 05/23/11 As usual, Russia plays hardball with Ukraine over gas
Russia is prepared to consider Ukraine’s proposals on the new price for gas only after Ukraine signs large-scale cooperation agreements, Pres Medvedev told journalists May 18. Meanwhile, several European countries have been urging Kremlin to cut its gas prices saying they are too high...
04:08 05/16/11 Day of Wrath coordinator arrested and coerced by police in Kyiv
On Saturday night, the police detained the organizer of the Day of Wrath protest rally and leader of the Common Cause NGO, Oleksandr Danyliuk. Danyliuk was interrogated by the police for 2 hours in a van outside Verkhovna Rada, Common Cause May 15 website report runs. The police accused Oleksandr...
03:52 05/16/11 Liberals’ dire twist of fate. Why Ukrainian Canadians found themselves out of politics?
While in countries with the authoritarian regime, those in power control everything, in the democratic world the results of an election are difficult to foresee. Here unexpected factors or issues not taken into account often come into play, completely reshaping the political map of a country...
03:51 05/16/11 UCC welcomes introduction of Manitoba Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Day Acts of legislation
The Ukrainian Canadian Congress welcomes the introduction of Bill 27, The Manitoba Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Day Act, by the Honourable Ms. Rosann Wowchuk, Minister of Finance as well as Bill 214, The Ukrainian Heritage Day Act, by Mr. Len Derkach, MLA for Russell. "We welcome legislation which...
04:14 05/14/11 Patriarch Kiril gets large mob in Kharkiv – thanks to Photoshop!
Many Ukraine media have posted photos exposing falsification using Photoshop to increase attendance at Patriarch Kiril's public sermon on Kharkiv's central square. According to Kommentariji, the site "Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Photos" published a photo which indicated the wholehearted support...
04:11 05/12/11 Russia's consul provoked Svoboda during May 9 riots
The general consul of Russia in Lviv, Oleg Astakhov, participated unofficially in May 9 events in Lviv, Svoboda Lviv oblast council faction head Iryna Sekh said, addressing May 11 session of the council. The consul arrived in the unofficial status and his actions were provocative, Sekh said...
23:07 04/27/11 Some highest officials in Ukraine are quite lousy, says Aleksandr Lukashenko
Speaking to journalists today and answering a question why he didn't go to Ukraine for the anniversary of the Chornobyl tragedy, the president of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenka, said the question should be addressed to Pres Yanukovych, Radio Svoboda reports Apr. 26. "Unfortunately, some Ukraine's...
09:39 04/26/11 Dead lawmaker continues to vote in Ukraine parliament
A Regions lawmaker, Mykola Lisin, 1964, crashed his Lamborghini at 270 km/h killing himself late Apr. 17 night. He was reported by the police to be driving under the influence of alcohol. His woman companion escaped death miraculously, being taken to hospital with multiple injuries. However, on Apr...
19:49 04/03/11 RosUkrEnergo to give back 12.1 billion cu. m of its gas to Ukraine
RosUkrEnergo, owned 50-50 by Russia Gazprom and Ukraine tycoon Dmytro Firtash decided to return to Ukraine the 12.1 bln cu. m of gas. RUE had earlier won the gas confiscated by former Premier Tymoshenko in a high-profile court case, a source indicated to The Ekonomichna Pravda Apr. 1.“After we...
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