20:02 03/27/11 Ukraine didn’t send military pilots to fight in Libya, Bohatyryova says
The Ukrainian pilots who allegedly flew jets that attacked the demonstrators in Libya do not represent Ukraine, Secretary of Security and Defense Council Rayisa Bohatyryova said, speaking late Friday in the Shuster Live talk show.“We have not sent any servicemen to Libya to take part in...
14:02 03/23/11 Pressure on Kuchma might indicate attack of Donetsk clan on Kuchma's son-in-law's business
Opening a criminal probe against former President Kuchma sets a precedent in Ukrainian politics, says political expert Viktor Nebozhenko, speaking to Deutsche Welle March 23.As a result, any successor of Viktor Yanukovych may launch a criminal investigation against former rulers - and under any...
22:50 03/20/11 Foreign air companies knocking on Ukraine's door
  Six low-cost air companies might start their operations in Ukraine, Russia’s Avianova, Irish Ryanair, Arab FlyDubai, German Air Berlin, Slovak Danube Wings and British Easy Jet, The Segodnya reported March 5. The difference in ticket prices is remarkable – for the same Moscow...
22:39 03/20/11 Winner of Shevchenko award for literature confident he will receive his award – if not from Yanukovych then from his successor
Writer Vasyl Shklyar says he did not expect Yanukovych to give him the Shevchenko award after he wrote a letter refusing to accept the award until Education Minister Tabachnyk is in power, Komersant-Ukrayina reports March 10. “It’s the president’s right to put me on the list of...
22:36 03/20/11 Norwegian businessman to invest UAH132 mln to update pig farm in Ternopil oblast
Henrik Mork from Norway is ready to invest in rebuilding a pig farm in Bermivtsi, Zborivsky rayon, Ternopil oblast administration March 11 website report runs. For his part, Mr. Mork made a project presentation. He told how similar farms are managed in Norway and Latvia. When completed, his farm...
22:32 03/20/11 Rada derails bill on new cheating-proof voting system
Rada lawmakers rejected a new modernized sensor voting system aimed to make deputies vote individually [now many vote for themselves and their absent buddies], The Segodnya reports March 17. The bill gathered merely 222 votes, four short of the needed number. The bill will now go for repeat...
22:29 03/20/11 Ukrainians fatigued with both power and opposition
The opposition is not viewed by Ukrainians as an alternative to the present regime, says Ihor Zhdanov, president of the Open Policy think tank, Ukrayinska Pravda reports March 20. In his article for the Dzerkalo Tyzhnia. Ukrayina, he argues that the dwindling support for the ruling coalition did...
03:37 03/03/11 Land market in Ukraine won’t be transparent and fair, Oleksandr Paskhaver says
There is no doubt that the land market in Ukraine will be opaque and corrupt. We are corrupt, so the land privatization will be the same, a noted Ukrainian economist, Oleksandr Paskhaver, told ZIK March 2. The 20-year past experience shows that Ukraine has never prepared for any serious reform....
03:33 03/03/11 Social upheavals in Ukraine can’t be forecast, political expert warns
The current social tensions may or may not lead to mass protests – especially if the regime reacts effectively to let the steam off by using political tools, political expert Volodymyr Fesenko told ZIK March 1.Catalysts for protest feelings of Ukrainians are social and economic hardships, not...
22:40 03/01/11 Ukraine has highest inflation among CIS states
In 2010, Ukraine showed the highest inflation among the CIS states, The Komsomolska Pravda v Ukrayini reports Feb. 25.According to the state statistics committee, prices in Ukraine went up by 9.4% in 2010, by 8.2% in Armenia, 8% in Kirghizstan, 7.8% in Belarus and 6.9% in Russia.CIS GDP in 2010 went...
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