13:48 02/24/11 Medical staff in Lviv to go on strike March 1
Lviv doctors and nurses have announced a strike due March 1 to protest pseudo reforms by the Yanukovych regime, they told ZIK Feb. 22.  “A group of doctors disagree with the current situation when due to their meager pay doctors must look for bribes from patients,” the head of the...
01:56 02/22/11 National Union of Journalists decries pressure on media by authorities
In a statement on Feb. 18, NUJ says Ukraine journalists and media outlets are under pressure from the authorities, The Telekrytyka media watchdog reports.NUJ has received a growing number of complaints of harassment by officials of electronic and press media outlets, the statement says.Regional...
17:24 02/17/11 EU, Ukraine at loggerheads over proposed import tax on Ukrainian chocolate candy
Talks on creating a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU have stalled again, this time over EU’s demand of a 50% import tax on Ukrainian chocolate candy, Deutsche Welle reports Feb. 16. The EU wants a 50% import tax on Ukrainian candy, fearing competition for EU-made confectionary...
16:19 02/16/11 SBU bans blogger to criticize regime
Blogger Oleh Shynkarenko was forced to write a promise to the Security Service, SBU, not to criticize the regime on his blog, Shynkarenko himself writes on his blog July 31.“They let me go after a written pledge not to lash out at the regime on my blog,” he says.“Since no concrete...
21:40 02/06/11 Corrupt judge to be prosecuted for taking bribe
A Kyiv rayon court judge was detained by prosecutors for taking a 1,000-dollar bribe, PGO Feb. 5 site report says.The judge allegedly took the bribe for not changing her sentence for a softer one and not involving the imprisonment.The charges, if proven, will entail imprisonment for 5 to 10 years, a...
01:48 02/04/11 Police torture 12 nationalists, Trizub NGO claims
Nationalist Trizub NGO representatives decry violations of human rights of its 12 members arrested in the wake of Stalin monument blast in Zaporizhia. The police use torture against Trizub members and banned lawyers to come to them, UNIAN quotes the Trizub statement Feb. 2. According to Trizub...
01:40 02/04/11 Journalists are to blame for deteriorating media freedoms, Myroslava Gongadze says
The current onslaught on the freedom of expression in Ukraine is explained by the inability of journalists and media owners to set up the effective media and system for protecting journalists, the widow of the slain investigative journalist Georgy Gongadze said, addressing the “Democracy,...
18:13 02/01/11 Odesa traffic cop dismissed for deriding Ukrainian language
A traffic cop whose video footage made headlines Jan. 25 was dismissed from service for disrespect of the Ukrainian language, the interior ministry said Jan. 27 in a surprisingly quick reaction.The policeman was videotaped at night by a driver he pulled over to check his papers. When the driver...
17:21 01/31/11 Bigger sticks and carrots, for some
For years, Ukraine has been going through mock reforms and in my opinion they always seem to do so as a knee-jerk response to something that is troubling the West. In short, it always seems to be not a carrot that works but a fairly large stick, somewhere along the lines of a two-by-four. During the...
16:55 01/25/11 Chief spy clarifies causes of blasts in Donbas
Addressing a press conference in Makijyvka, SBU director Valery Khoroshkovsky says extortion of money was the cause of several bombs there, LigaBiznesInform reports Jan. 22.He didn’t name the persons behind the bombs or the amount of payments demanded by perpetrators.Pres Yanukovych stopped...
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