16:47 01/25/11 Crimea ex-speaker detained on charges of shady land deals
The police in Crimea have detained Anatoly Hrytsenko, the former speaker of the peninsular parliament. The police suspect him of illegal land deals, e-Krym reports Jan. 24.In September 2010, was re-appointed head of the Party of Regions branch in the Leninsky rayon of Crimea.On March 18, 2010, Pres...
02:38 01/22/11 Rivne police to ban bus companies to ship demonstrators to Kyiv for Jan. 22 rally
Over 200 representatives of Rivne opposition parties intend to travel to Kyiv to take part in the Jan. 22 rally marking the Union Day. However, they will have to go by their cars or railroad or fixed route busses as the Rivne police had warned commercial bus companies they won’t be allowed to...
15:08 01/20/11 Ukraine's investor attractiveness edges up
Although Ukraine has slightly improved its investment climate, the country continues to pose large risks to investors, says the report by Political Risk Atlas published by Maplecroft.According to the report, corporate management and macroeconomic stability indicators went down, same as observance of...
20:40 01/17/11 Stalin Statue Destroyed In 'Terror' Act in Ukraine
Members of the Communist Party in Ukraine say assailants have blown up a controversial monument to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, calling the move an "act of terror." The bust, located outside the party's headquarters in the southeastern city of Zaporizhzhya, was destroyed late on New Year's Eve...
15:20 12/28/10 Rivne infectious disease physician awarded the state diploma
The head of the infectious section of the Rivne city central hospital, freelance infectious disease Department of Health Rivne Regional State Administration Sergey Doroshenko has recently received a diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "For services to the Ukrainian people." In this regard,...
17:12 12/15/10 China to build 10 garbage-recycling plants in Ukraine
Drohobych Mayor Oleksy Radzievsky is set to meet with representatives of a Chinese company involved in building garbage-recycling plants, our correspondent reports Dec. 7.The Shanghai-based company has an extensive experience in this field. The government of China is ready to provide one billion...
00:03 12/08/10 Police harass SMBs strikes organizer
  On Saturday, Dec. 4, police officers demanded entry in the apartment of the father of Oleksandr Danyliuk, the general coordinator of the nationwide strike of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, O. Danyliuk told Ukrayinska Pravda the same day. Two plainclothes officers...
16:25 11/30/10 Yanukovych vetoes Tax Code
Addressing a meeting with cabinet ministers in the Boryspil airport prior to his visit to Kazakhstan, Pres Yanukovych told them he had vetoed the Tax Code, IMK reports Nov. 30. “I have imposed a veto on the Tax Code today. A new tax code, befitting the goal of modernizing the economy,...
16:19 11/20/10 Lviv entrepreneurs demand resignation of VP Tihipko and Premier Azarov
Participants of the on-going protest rally of entrepreneurs in Lviv have demanded the revision of a new Tax code tabled by Premier Azarov and VP Tihipko, our correspondent reports Nov. 15.The rally is attended by over 3,000 representatives of SMBs. At 17.00 today rally participants are scheduled to...
00:16 11/17/10 30,000-strong protest of entrepreneurs outside Verhovna Rada. Police detain one of organizers
Small and medium businessmen rallying against the approval by VR of a new Tax code hurled tomatoes, toilet paper and coins at Rada entrance, The Segodnya reports Nov. 16. Same day, angry entrepreneurs in Khmelnytsky broke the doors of the oblast administration when the governor and other officials...
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