Journalists are to blame for deteriorating media freedoms, Myroslava Gongadze says
01:40 02/04/11

The current onslaught on the freedom of expression in Ukraine is explained by the inability of journalists and media owners to set up the effective media and system for protecting journalists, the widow of the slain investigative journalist Georgy Gongadze said, addressing the “Democracy, Ukrainian style” round table at the Horshenin Institute, The Livy Bereh reports Feb. 3.

The situation around the freedom of expression in Ukraine has increasingly worsened. It was caused not merely by the regime’s efforts to gag the press, but also because of inaction of journalists and media owners, Gongadze said.

For the independent media to take root in Ukraine, Gongadze went on, the Ukrainians and journalists should adopt the general rules of coexistence.

The people mush become aware that journalists protect public interests, not act as regime’s mouthpieces. “Journalists should become, as my late husband used to say, “the watchdogs of democracy”, Myroslava Gongadze said.

The freedom of speech is a major prerogative for the functioning of a democracy, Gongadze said.

Ukrainians will have to gradually build up such system, countering the regime’s pressure aimed to silence the media – no regime, even a democratic one, will agree to be criticized, Myroslava Gongadze said.

Source: ZIK

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