Social upheavals in Ukraine can’t be forecast, political expert warns
03:33 03/03/11

The current social tensions may or may not lead to mass protests – especially if the regime reacts effectively to let the steam off by using political tools, political expert Volodymyr Fesenko told ZIK March 1.

Catalysts for protest feelings of Ukrainians are social and economic hardships, not political motives, the expert says.

The majority of those who are ready to take to the streets will protest mainly against social and economic hardships and in a much lesser degree against political developments.

Fesenko warns that it is practically impossible to forecast any protest actions, and those doing this are just engaging in guesswork.

No social surveys in early 2004, Fesenko says, could suggest any future intensification of social protests. Still, the Orange revolution happened in late 2004.

Take the example of Tunisia and Egypt – no one, secret services including, could forecast the present upheavals, Fesenko continues.

“Revolutions can’t be foreseen. True, protest feelings are mounting in Ukraine. Whether they will lead to a social or political upheaval is anyone’s guess,” Volodymyr Fesenko believes.

Source: ZIK

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