Foreign air companies knocking on Ukraine's door
22:50 03/20/11


Six low-cost air companies might start their operations in Ukraine, Russia’s Avianova, Irish Ryanair, Arab FlyDubai, German Air Berlin, Slovak Danube Wings and British Easy Jet, The Segodnya reported March 5.

The difference in ticket prices is remarkable – for the same Moscow to Berlin flight on the same day Air Berlin charges $70 while other air companies $140.

However, says The Segodnya, the arrival on the Ukraine market won’t be any time soon.

“There are plans to start our operation in Ukraine. However, the Ukrainian officials do not issue us the required permits. We are in talks with Ukraine air although without success,” says Air Berlin’s PR officer Sabina Teller.

Ukraine state aviation authority would not elaborate on how the talks with the companies listed above are going, promising to go public later.

The hot favorite to appear in Ukraine is Russia’s Avianova. The company is going to operate flights from Moscow to Simferopol and from Sochi to Kharkiv in late 2011 or early 2012.

Ukrainian aviation officials have failed to clarify whether Avianova has been given the permit to fly in Ukraine. 

Source: ZIK


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