Viktor Makes it to The Simpsons
19:09 10/13/11

The low international esteem in which Mr Yanukovych is held is perhaps reflected in a new episode of the hit cartoon series, ‘The Simpsons,’ broadcast on the FOX TV channel on 25 September. In it, “Viktor from Ukraine,” is a big character with bodyguards, wearing gold chains and an open neck shirt under his expensive suit – the fashionable look for nouveau riche mobsters who want to go legit.

A former CIA agent, Wayne, accidentally kills Viktor’s wife at a ball at Kyiv’s Mariyinsky Palace.  “Viktor from Ukraine” opens the door during the shooting and shouts at his wife “I told you to sit in your room.”  Many think this is a reference to Mrs Yanukovych, who rarely makes public appearances after her bizarre statement during the Orange Revolution, when she said that protesters were drugged from eating oranges injected by the CIA.

Mrs Yanukovych’s low profile is perhaps understandable given the junior role ascribed to women in Mr Yanukovych’s Party of Regions. Indeed, the Mykola Azarov government, installed after Mr Yanukovych was elected, is the first of 15 governments in Ukraine without a single woman minister. Messrs. Yanukovych and Azarov are both on record as believing women, such as Ms Tymoshenko, should stay out of politics, or, as Mr Yanukovych once said, “stay in the kitchen.”

Respect for Mr Yanukovych has never been high amongst Ukrainian citizens and his criminal record has come back to haunt him on numerous occasions. During the 2004 presidential election campaign a group of young civil society activists played on this theme. Then, as during weekends, when Kyiv’s main Khreshchatyk street is closed to traffic, the activists dressed in prison clothes and pretended to campaign for “Viktor Yanukovych.” Kyivites amusingly believed prisoners had been given weekend passes to campaign for “one of their own.”

Last winter Kyiv’s subways were plastered with posters exclaiming “Steal Hats and Become a President!” Allegedly, one of Mr Yanukovych’s two criminal convictions was for a scam in which he stole fur hats.

Source: ePoshta

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