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15:15 01/25/12 Do not need to Ukraine once again to view the concept of construction of wholesale markets?
The State target program of wholesale markets of agricultural products was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 3 June 2009. It provided a set of measures, including construction of 25 wholesale markets. It was expected that they will be erected near each regional center. And a year later...
13:46 05/23/11 As usual, Russia plays hardball with Ukraine over gas
Russia is prepared to consider Ukraine’s proposals on the new price for gas only after Ukraine signs large-scale cooperation agreements, Pres Medvedev told journalists May 18. Meanwhile, several European countries have been urging Kremlin to cut its gas prices saying they are too high...
19:49 04/03/11 RosUkrEnergo to give back 12.1 billion cu. m of its gas to Ukraine
RosUkrEnergo, owned 50-50 by Russia Gazprom and Ukraine tycoon Dmytro Firtash decided to return to Ukraine the 12.1 bln cu. m of gas. RUE had earlier won the gas confiscated by former Premier Tymoshenko in a high-profile court case, a source indicated to The Ekonomichna Pravda Apr. 1.“After we...
22:50 03/20/11 Foreign air companies knocking on Ukraine's door
  Six low-cost air companies might start their operations in Ukraine, Russia’s Avianova, Irish Ryanair, Arab FlyDubai, German Air Berlin, Slovak Danube Wings and British Easy Jet, The Segodnya reported March 5. The difference in ticket prices is remarkable – for the same Moscow...
22:36 03/20/11 Norwegian businessman to invest UAH132 mln to update pig farm in Ternopil oblast
Henrik Mork from Norway is ready to invest in rebuilding a pig farm in Bermivtsi, Zborivsky rayon, Ternopil oblast administration March 11 website report runs. For his part, Mr. Mork made a project presentation. He told how similar farms are managed in Norway and Latvia. When completed, his farm...
03:37 03/03/11 Land market in Ukraine won’t be transparent and fair, Oleksandr Paskhaver says
There is no doubt that the land market in Ukraine will be opaque and corrupt. We are corrupt, so the land privatization will be the same, a noted Ukrainian economist, Oleksandr Paskhaver, told ZIK March 2. The 20-year past experience shows that Ukraine has never prepared for any serious reform....
22:40 03/01/11 Ukraine has highest inflation among CIS states
In 2010, Ukraine showed the highest inflation among the CIS states, The Komsomolska Pravda v Ukrayini reports Feb. 25.According to the state statistics committee, prices in Ukraine went up by 9.4% in 2010, by 8.2% in Armenia, 8% in Kirghizstan, 7.8% in Belarus and 6.9% in Russia.CIS GDP in 2010 went...
17:24 02/17/11 EU, Ukraine at loggerheads over proposed import tax on Ukrainian chocolate candy
Talks on creating a free trade zone between Ukraine and the EU have stalled again, this time over EU’s demand of a 50% import tax on Ukrainian chocolate candy, Deutsche Welle reports Feb. 16. The EU wants a 50% import tax on Ukrainian candy, fearing competition for EU-made confectionary...
15:08 01/20/11 Ukraine's investor attractiveness edges up
Although Ukraine has slightly improved its investment climate, the country continues to pose large risks to investors, says the report by Political Risk Atlas published by Maplecroft.According to the report, corporate management and macroeconomic stability indicators went down, same as observance of...
17:12 12/15/10 China to build 10 garbage-recycling plants in Ukraine
Drohobych Mayor Oleksy Radzievsky is set to meet with representatives of a Chinese company involved in building garbage-recycling plants, our correspondent reports Dec. 7.The Shanghai-based company has an extensive experience in this field. The government of China is ready to provide one billion...
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