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21:32 10/22/11 Schengen visas denied to Ukraine officials
Ukraine officials get negative answers to their appeals for Schengen visas, says head of Rada committee for foreign affairs Oleh Bilorus, Comentari reports Oct. 21. This could be a reaction of the EU to the failure by the Ukrainian authorities to deliver on their promises - "They warned that they...
20:02 03/27/11 Ukraine didn’t send military pilots to fight in Libya, Bohatyryova says
The Ukrainian pilots who allegedly flew jets that attacked the demonstrators in Libya do not represent Ukraine, Secretary of Security and Defense Council Rayisa Bohatyryova said, speaking late Friday in the Shuster Live talk show.“We have not sent any servicemen to Libya to take part in...
17:51 11/04/10 Kyiv-based Belarus opposition journalist decries intimidation by police
Police officers tried to enter the Kyiv apartment of Belarus opposition journalist Oleksandr Tsinkevych without a search warrant, Ukrayinska Pravda quotes the journalist as saying Nov. 4. The group included 2 policemen from the squad fighting organized crime and a colonel from Crimea, Tsinkevych...
11:26 10/31/10 Work of Ukraine customs officials to be shown on-line on web
Ukraine State Customs Service will use video cameras for the customs clearance of goods, The Delo quotes SCS head Viktor Bondar as saying Oct. 29. In its bid to curb corruption the SCS will use Georgia’s experience, the official said. The use of cameras will stop corruption and speculations...
20:50 10/26/10 Canada's premier visits Lviv
Oct. 26, the premier of Canada, Steven Harper, has come to Lviv on the final leg of his trip to Ukraine. The agenda of his visit to Lviv was made by the premier himself.He met with the students of the Ukrainian Catholic University, visited the Lontsky St. Prison Museum commemorating the victims of...
13:02 10/01/10 Polish prime minister to visit Ukraine in December
Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk will visit Ukraine in December 2010, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said. He announced this at a joint press conference with Tusk in Warsaw on Thursday. "We've agreed to significantly strengthen our contacts. Mr. Tusk confirmed that he would...
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