15:20 10/17/11 Interior ministry confirms massive theft of firearms in Lviv Police Academy
A routine check on Oct. 12 revealed the lack of about 150 Kalashnikovs and Makarov guns at the Police Academy in Lviv, Interior Ministry Oct. 14 website release runs. The check was ordered by Interior Minister Mohyliov on the heels of the disappearance of firearms in a Kharkiv police precinct...
01:48 02/04/11 Police torture 12 nationalists, Trizub NGO claims
Nationalist Trizub NGO representatives decry violations of human rights of its 12 members arrested in the wake of Stalin monument blast in Zaporizhia. The police use torture against Trizub members and banned lawyers to come to them, UNIAN quotes the Trizub statement Feb. 2. According to Trizub...
16:55 01/25/11 Chief spy clarifies causes of blasts in Donbas
Addressing a press conference in Makijyvka, SBU director Valery Khoroshkovsky says extortion of money was the cause of several bombs there, LigaBiznesInform reports Jan. 22.He didn’t name the persons behind the bombs or the amount of payments demanded by perpetrators.Pres Yanukovych stopped...
16:47 01/25/11 Crimea ex-speaker detained on charges of shady land deals
The police in Crimea have detained Anatoly Hrytsenko, the former speaker of the peninsular parliament. The police suspect him of illegal land deals, e-Krym reports Jan. 24.In September 2010, was re-appointed head of the Party of Regions branch in the Leninsky rayon of Crimea.On March 18, 2010, Pres...
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