01:24 06/01/11 Ukraine has bigger worries than Victory Day clashes
Most people have read about the clashes that occurred during Lviv's Victory Day ceremonies on May 9, so I won't dwell on the actual events, but concentrate on the reactions from several key actors who have a stake in the geo-political fate of Ukraine. The stage for the conflict was set back on...
04:08 05/16/11 Day of Wrath coordinator arrested and coerced by police in Kyiv
On Saturday night, the police detained the organizer of the Day of Wrath protest rally and leader of the Common Cause NGO, Oleksandr Danyliuk. Danyliuk was interrogated by the police for 2 hours in a van outside Verkhovna Rada, Common Cause May 15 website report runs. The police accused Oleksandr...
03:51 05/16/11 UCC welcomes introduction of Manitoba Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Day Acts of legislation
The Ukrainian Canadian Congress welcomes the introduction of Bill 27, The Manitoba Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Day Act, by the Honourable Ms. Rosann Wowchuk, Minister of Finance as well as Bill 214, The Ukrainian Heritage Day Act, by Mr. Len Derkach, MLA for Russell. "We welcome legislation which...
03:33 03/03/11 Social upheavals in Ukraine can’t be forecast, political expert warns
The current social tensions may or may not lead to mass protests – especially if the regime reacts effectively to let the steam off by using political tools, political expert Volodymyr Fesenko told ZIK March 1.Catalysts for protest feelings of Ukrainians are social and economic hardships, not...
01:56 02/22/11 National Union of Journalists decries pressure on media by authorities
In a statement on Feb. 18, NUJ says Ukraine journalists and media outlets are under pressure from the authorities, The Telekrytyka media watchdog reports.NUJ has received a growing number of complaints of harassment by officials of electronic and press media outlets, the statement says.Regional...
01:40 02/04/11 Journalists are to blame for deteriorating media freedoms, Myroslava Gongadze says
The current onslaught on the freedom of expression in Ukraine is explained by the inability of journalists and media owners to set up the effective media and system for protecting journalists, the widow of the slain investigative journalist Georgy Gongadze said, addressing the “Democracy,...
18:13 02/01/11 Odesa traffic cop dismissed for deriding Ukrainian language
A traffic cop whose video footage made headlines Jan. 25 was dismissed from service for disrespect of the Ukrainian language, the interior ministry said Jan. 27 in a surprisingly quick reaction.The policeman was videotaped at night by a driver he pulled over to check his papers. When the driver...
20:40 01/17/11 Stalin Statue Destroyed In 'Terror' Act in Ukraine
Members of the Communist Party in Ukraine say assailants have blown up a controversial monument to Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, calling the move an "act of terror." The bust, located outside the party's headquarters in the southeastern city of Zaporizhzhya, was destroyed late on New Year's Eve...
00:03 12/08/10 Police harass SMBs strikes organizer
  On Saturday, Dec. 4, police officers demanded entry in the apartment of the father of Oleksandr Danyliuk, the general coordinator of the nationwide strike of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses, O. Danyliuk told Ukrayinska Pravda the same day. Two plainclothes officers...
16:19 11/20/10 Lviv entrepreneurs demand resignation of VP Tihipko and Premier Azarov
Participants of the on-going protest rally of entrepreneurs in Lviv have demanded the revision of a new Tax code tabled by Premier Azarov and VP Tihipko, our correspondent reports Nov. 15.The rally is attended by over 3,000 representatives of SMBs. At 17.00 today rally participants are scheduled to...
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