Send parcel to Ukraine

The company "Ukraine Express" came on the market of parcel  delivery from the USA to Ukraine and other countries of former Soviet Union to improve  communication between families who were divided by the ocean. The company was founded by young people, full of desire to work and ready for criticism.

We are constantly making our  service better using your wishes, comments and criticism, which you can write on our site.

Currently, to improve the level of our service, we implemented a Barcode system and every action that occurs on a parcel goes through a scanner, whether it is being shipped from the agent, or it is being loaded to the container. This way we completely eliminated the probability of a missing  parcel.

On our site you can track your package any minute and know it's location.

You don't  need to waste time and carry uncomfortable and heavy parcels,because we  take them from your home for free!!!

Write to us how  would you like everything done and we will do it your way!

For those who are interested to make money we have prepared a partnership program, to find out about which you can stop by  our offices or  contact us by phone.

If you only try  our services, you will realize that we are the best.

And you have to know that only because we came on the market you started to pay less!!

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